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Because People Matter

The Deering Group are Australia’s leading experts in capability, training and competency.  We are obsessed with ensuring people are not only competent and capable, but most importantly safe – because people matter.  We bring a fresh approach with an innovative, strong team boasting decades of experience in operations and leadership.


We Are Capability Builders

TDG is a capability building and learning engagement firm. We challenge our clients to go and explore their potential. We bring curiosity, creativity and commitment to the art of crafting authentic and sustainable solutions. 


Crucially we have an ethical, people-centred approach to analysing, designing and implementing programs of work that increase organisational learning while reduce cost and complexity.

Who we work with

We work with organisations to bring out the best in your people, programs and processes – and drive performance.

We call people, programs and process the Three Ps.  At TDG, we believe when the Three Ps are managed well and in balance, you will see leaps in the performance of your people and your business. 

What we do


Are you:

If this sounds like you, we hear you.  We understand, because we’ve been where you are.  Our team of expert consultants have worked in leadership roles in a range of industries and have faced these challenges.  That’s why we believe in reducing complexity and providing you with systematic simplicity that empowers you, your stakeholders and team to make proactive and progressive decisions.

Our team of expert consultants work with your organization to tailor solutions to your unique needs.