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Have greater control over your growth and increase your confidence in taking your organisation and your people to the next level.

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Our Coaching and Mentoring programs support both individual leaders, leadership teams and frontline leaders to become better, more confident managers and leaders. This work supports you on your journey to recognising and leveraging your strengths; practically working on your limitations, and stepping into your leadership role so you can achieve your goals.

Our Coaching and Mentoring work includes:

Our Experience

Client: Australian Operation of a Global Technology Company

Opportunity: Executive and Leadership Team Coaching

After much change in this organisation coupled with the exit of all the leadership team, including the CEO, the client realised they needed some support to move forward well.  

Andrew Deering (CEO of TDG) worked with this client over 9 months, helping the client shift the leadership from a group of individuals to a team working together on the issues that matter and the necessary conversations. 

This was done by delivering workshops and individual coaching interventions with the CEO and Executive team, focused on building trust, enabling healthy conflict, getting clear on accountability, leading to improved results for the business and individual team members.   

Some of the organisations we've helped to be better

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