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Today, I want to have a deeper conversation about decomplexification.

So much of the time, we’re focused on simplification.
We often want to find solutions to problems by simplifying or stripping things down to their bare bones, wiping the slates clean.

While it’s important, it isn’t a silver bullet.

In fact, sometimes simplification just creates more problems.

So, what should we be doing instead?

What we really need more of is this idea of decomplexification.

Click below unpack what I mean – and what that could look like in your business.

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Watch Listen Read I  Choose to Drift When you think about the word ‘drift’ or ‘drifting’, it’s likely you have a few negative connotations that come up. The idea of drifting usually conjures images of ‘floating away’, moving away from what is intended, without control – or the ability to take back control – when it might be needed. You’re

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Watch Listen Read Clutter A confused or disordered state or collection; a jumble. Let’s talk. I’ve got to say, I am really lucky. I get to meet with talented people seeking to do amazing things in the places where they work. So often though I see those same people, (and teams, and organisations) working under layers of unnecessary complexity, something

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I choose to struggle

So much of the world has been struggling this year. COVID-19 has brought upheaval, challenge and change to most of us both economically and socially – not to mention health consequences – mental and physical. For many people, the global pandemic has been just one extra layer of struggle on top of countless others they were already dealing with in

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I choose to choose

“You’re never as good as everyone tells you when you win, and you’re never as bad as they say when you lose.” Lou Holtz Psychologically, we humans are a fascinating bunch. Whatever is happening now has the power to influence what we think; the way we think; and our beliefs about our potential. When times are good, it feels like

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I Choose Business Over Busy-ness

I think a lot of us – myself included – lose sight of the fact that business with an “i” doesn’t always have to mean busy-ness with a “y”. When I say business, I’m referring to whatever work or activity you do that crosses the six elements of life. Business is not necessarily restricted to what you do within your organisation or

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I choose to acknowledge my new reality

Forget yesterday – our reality is today In many ways, the past six months have seemed like one long, dark night. The darkness of COVID-19, with its lockdowns and disruptions, has extended to many aspects of our lives. In fact, all six elements of life – health and fitness, family and friends, lifelong learning, spiritual and mental wellbeing, adventure and

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I Choose a Marathon Mindset

Those who know me would say I am not a sprinter. They might even suggest that a marathon is out of my reach right now. And I would have to agree. However, I’m not interested in the running type of sprint or marathon. When I talk about these different approaches to running, the going fast or going the distance, I’m

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I Choose to Press On

I was listening to a podcast the other day by Seth Godin.  The person that wrote the books, ‘The Purple Cow’ and ‘Tribes’ (amongst others).  His thinking is clever and useful, a good mix. His conversation got me thinking about the confusion we often have when labelling the reason for the successes we see. The difference between the success coming

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Why a Skills Analysis is the foundation for Employee Competency

In this episode, Senior Consultant Chris Burbidge has a conversation with Andrew about the question he hears from clients week in, week out.

As a leader on many of TDG’s projects, the common question or challenge he hears from clients is: 

How do I get value out of my people? 

How do I get value out of what I invest in their training and competency?

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Where do I find great people?

Where do I find great people? | Episode 1 of the Better People, Better Business podcast.

In this episode, Andrew Deering has a conversation with TDG’s Principal Consultant, Louise Bonser, about the biggest challenge facing our clients right now.

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