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In this episode of Better People Better Business, Dr Kelly Windle joins Andrew for a conversation.


Dr Kelly Windle is a psychologist and executive leader who speaks on the topics of future of work, leadership, and culture. With 15 years’ global leadership experience and five tertiary qualifications, Kelly has advised some of the world’s leading organisations on how to evolve to better meet the future.


A lot of people speak on the future of work, but Kelly’s thought leadership is focused on an interesting and important part of the future of work: shared commitment to the future. She asks and answers the question of, how do we mobilise people to swiftly grow and become future ready?


In this conversation, Kelly and Andrew talk about workplace psychology, translating some crucial concepts into practical, daily steps we can take to be better, lead better – and deliver better business. Kelly introduces the academic concept of psychological contracts in organisational psychology and then brings it back to what that looks like in practical terms– that a psychological contract is a shared promise and commitment to the future. 


Together Kelly and Andrew share their experiences and practical examples on how we can better manage the expectations and promises we make as employees, leaders and businesses to achieve better business.


They discuss:


  • Kelly’s background as a front-line leader that led to her specialisation in organisational psychology.
  • The three key elements to leading and managing employee relationships well
  • The difference between employee engagement and employee experience.
  • The link between psychological contracts and psychological safety
  • How to get started with managing your promises and commitments – aka your psychological contract – as an individual, a leader or at an organisational level.
  • The importance of keeping things simple, and not over-complicating or over-engineering the implementation of these concepts.


This conversation is incredibly useful for everyone, no matter your role or industry. It is practical, empowering, and will give you tips you can implement immediately in your role at work. 


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