Solving the problems that hold you
and your people back

Be better.

You know your organisation can be. 
Better at knowing your people and getting the best from them - making you more capable, more profitable and more responsible.

The Deering Group opened in 2016 to help organisations to better understand what their people do and how they can help them improve their work and their roles.

We help make businesses better through their people.  

We get the job done with expertise in Executive Leadership, Learning and Development, Training and Competency, Operations Management, Technical Writing, Quality Control and Governance.

We have decades of collective experience across the resource sectors, defence, healthcare and hospitality.  We have offices in Brisbane and Perth – and team members across metropolitan and rural Australia.  We work flexibly – on-site or virtually to make it easier for you to be better.

We're passionate about helping you.


The work we do with you will be enjoyable and useful – but sometimes a little uncomfortable – we’re not afraid of the truth.


You’ll look better, feel better and do better.


We deliver unparalleled experiences – because of our unrivalled experience.

What we do

We help organisations to be better – better at their processes and procedures, better at understanding their people in the jobs they do. 

This makes them better at doing whatever it is they do – it builds their capability, increases capacity and profitability. 

It makes them a better business, a better place to work.

How we do that

We help organisations to understand where the problems are, what they look like and how to begin solving them.

Part of our job is to be the spark that makes change.

We help organisations to understand where the problems are, what they look like and how to begin solving them.

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Great Expectations begin with Great Clarification

Watch Listen Read Great Expectations begin with Great Clarification I recently had a chat with one of my team about some work they were undertaking. The client was an internal team member, and it hadn’t gone as well as planned. Ever had that – Internal or external, where the client was less than pleased? I know I have been there,

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Fake it till you make it

Watch Listen Read Fake it till you make it. When I was a young person, having just finished a teaching degree, I remember being given a few ‘valuable’ pieces of advice that confused me. The main one, the one I recall foremost was, ‘just remember, fake it till you make it!’ (The second in line was ‘don’t smile until Easter.’

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Today, I want to have a deeper conversation about decomplexification.

So much of the time, we’re focused on simplification.
We often want to find solutions to problems by simplifying or stripping things down to their bare bones, wiping the slates clean.

While it’s important, it isn’t a silver bullet.

In fact, sometimes simplification just creates more problems.

So, what should we be doing instead?

What we really need more of is this idea of decomplexification.

Click below unpack what I mean – and what that could look like in your business.

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Why Training Administration is critical to keeping your people safe, skilled and effective.

Prefer to listen on your favourite podcast app? Click the links below to listen and subscribe In this Better People Better Business episode, our consultant Michelle Cummings sits down for a conversation with Andrew Deering. Michelle is a highly experienced Training Professional with a strong background in Training Administration in high-risk industries, including Mining and Oil and Gas. She is

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How do I standardise training safely?

Prefer to listen on your favourite podcast app? Click the links below to listen and subscribe In this episode, Consultant Maha White has a conversation with Andrew about the challenge she hears with clients. Maha migrated to Australia from Zimbabwe in 2008, and has built a career in Training and Competency, working with Registered Training Organisations and auditors before moving

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How do I get my new to industry people skilled, safe and effective?

In this episode, Consultant Shane Bonser has a conversation with Andrew about the current influx of workers who are new to industry, particularly in mining and from varied backgrounds. Their challenge is how to manage these new people successfully through this career change, so they are inducted well and get to site knowing what to expect and with sufficient skills to be safe and effective.

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By our Founder and CEO Andrew Deering