The powerful tension between better people and better business

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In this episode of Better People Better Business, Andrew enjoys a conversation with Rohan Dredge.

Rohan is the CEO of Pragmatic Thinking, a behaviour and motivation Strategy Company.  The team there describe him as a ‘Leadership Whisperer’.

For over two decades, Rohan has developed leaders, cultures and tribes that work at deep levels of connection and strong levels of execution. He specialises in sustainable and high-performing cultures that help technical experts become people leaders.

With an innate talent for identifying both the brilliance and the blind spots in individuals, teams and organisations, Rohan is able to craft effective strategies that improve workplace culture and skyrocket performance outcomes. Specialising in intentionality and preparation, Rohan is always aggressively well-dressed and can rock a pocket square like no one else!

Rohan is deeply qualified with a Masters in Educational Psychology, very experienced (closing in on 30 years in leadership development and organisational change) and incredibly passionate. His trademark energy that he brings to the team and the difference-makers is what makes him memorable and influential.

In the spirit of Pragmatic Thinking, Rohan offers useful and empowering wisdom and flips the narrative to ask Andrew how leaders can strive for Better over Best and still motivate and celebrate their teams.

They discuss

  • Their mutual perspective on the fact people are fundamental to business, even as roles and technology evolve.
  • The role a leader plays in managing the tension between people and business.
  • Andrew’s insights into how we can celebrate success and goals and still strive for better continuously.
  • Rohan’s insights into how he helps leaders and organisations bring operational intent to life.

There are several takeaways you can start to implement and work with straight away. Don’t miss this amazing conversation.

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Solving the problems that hold organisations and their people back

Be better.

You know your organisation can be.  Better at knowing your people and getting the best from them – making you more capable, more profitable and more responsible.

The Deering Group opened in 2016 to help organisations to better understand what their people do and how they can help them improve their work and their roles.

We help make businesses better through their people.  We get the job done with expertise in Executive Leadership, Learning and Development, Training and Competency, Operations Management, Technical Writing, Quality Control and Governance.

We have decades of collective experience across the resource sectors, defence, healthcare and hospitality.  We have offices in Brisbane and Perth – and team members across metropolitan and rural Australia.  We work flexibly – on-site or virtually to make it easier for you to be better.