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Case Studies

Client: Mid-size Australian Oil and Gas company

Opportunity: Capability Framework Development

The client found that while they were doing ok, they wanted to do better. The business had grown at pace, and there was the potential for much more growth ahead. The leadership realised that this growth would continue to exacerbate tensions amongst people and teams, making them all less effective, unless they did something to resolve this.

TDG was asked to offer a path forward for this business.

The team from TDG started with seeking to understand the issue, and the commensurate (relative) opportunity that is always present. This began with a Discovery phase that highlighted a lack of structure and clarity on people’s roles and the competencies required to perform their roles in a safe, skilled and effective manner.

A skills analysis process was undertaken across the entire business. This analysis formed the basis of a Capability Framework, that is designed to consider two core elements –

  1. What skills, knowledge and behaviours are required for a role.
  2. In each role group or discipline area, what are the competencies required for different levels of expertise from Competency through to Mastery.

The framework was built through a consultative process with a high level of engagement from the people in the business and in the roles. This approach ensured that the framework was owned, maintained and managed by the discipline and work group managers.

The TDG team then developed a practical assessment for each competency that allowed an objective approach to assessing an individual’s current capability with fit-for-purpose assessment tools and clear criteria.

This project provided the client with both a useful and pragmatic approach to ensuring its personnel were safe skilled and effective and also was an engagement activity that allowed people in the business to co-create the framework they would work within.

Client: Global Major Energy Company 

Opportunity: Authorised Isolator Training Program Development and Delivery

A client approached TDG to help them improve the skill set and competency of their Authorised Isolators across the business nationally.

This involved doing a simple discovery process to understand what issues were being faced in the business with the personnel performing the Isolation Authority roles.

This Discover phase lead on to a Develop phase where the TDG team worked with a client stakeholder group to build a training program that was woven through with case studies, real life examples, and assessments. A final practical review was undertaken that ensured all participants had to demonstrate application of what was learnt through the program, including the development of a prop to facilitate this final step.

Once complete TDG co-delivered this program with company personnel to ensure the right level of expertise in both facilitation and subject matter expert content knowledge was provided to participants.

Client: Australian Diversified Energy Company

Opportunity: Document and Training Assessment Development

Over many years, this client had aggregated assets forming a leading energy infrastructure business across the country. They were now seeking to improve and standardise their documentation and their approach to training and assessment across all assets. TDG was engaged to help with this process, designing standard templates for different document types; and providing technical expertise to build procedures, technical manuals and documentation and the associated training and assessment material. 

This work has shifted into an ongoing relationship between TDG and the client. TDG provides ongoing support to the client’s operational and project activities.

Client: Australian Energy Company

Opportunity: Training and Competency Assurance Program Development

After many attempts to put in place a sustainable approach to Training and Competency across the business, this client reached out to TDG for support.

TDG implemented their system-based approach to this work by initially undertaking a Skills Analysis with the frontline workforce, providing clarity on what tasks people (roles) in the organisation perform. From this analysis, TDG then mapped what skills, knowledge and behaviour are required to be in place for personnel to ensure they are safe, skilled and effective in how they do their work.

This initial analysis allowed the client to clarify what their people were doing and what they needed to have in place to assure competency and TDG provided them with a roadmap to help them get to where they needed to be.

The client then engaged TDG further to develop the Training and Assessment materials required for ongoing assurance. TDG also developed a governance process and the business strategy to ensure the developed products and their implementation is sustainable, manageable, and understood.

Client: Australian Operation of a Global Technology Company

Opportunity: Executive and Leadership Team Coaching

After much change in this organisation coupled with the exit of all the leadership team, including the CEO, the client realised they needed some support to move forward well.  

Andrew Deering (CEO of TDG) worked with this client over 9 months, helping the client shift the leadership from a group of individuals to a team working together on the issues that matter and the necessary conversations. 

This was done by delivering workshops and individual coaching interventions with the CEO and Executive team, focused on building trust, enabling healthy conflict, getting clear on accountability, leading to improved results for the business and individual team members.   

Client: Australian operation for a Global Gold Mining Company

Opportunity: Structural Review

A client approached TDG to help them understand and provide an evaluation of the current Training and Competency compliance framework for their two operations in regional WA..

The client indicated the requirement for TDG to review the current training work and training roles within the business, identify any duplication of work, inefficiencies, and non-conformances and recognise any opportunities for improvement. TDG were also asked to determine if resources are adequate to deliver work to the required standard and recommend a structure that considers site and regional needs. This then allowed for the development of a training framework for the client and outlined a roadmap of activities needing to be undertaken to deliver the project.

TDG developed a tool to systematically evaluate each site’s training and competency standards, procedures, systems, and processes. The results provided the client with information and guidance on achieving their Training and Competency objectives and meeting corporate expectations.

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