How a Gift Mindset helps you to be better

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In this episode of Better People, Better Business, Andrew has a conversation with Renee Giarrusso.


Renee Giarrusso is a highly sought-after communication, leadership & mindset expert. She is a speaker, three-time award-winning author, facilitator, trainer and coach. She works with leaders, teams and organisations to energise mindset and accelerate communication and leadership to lift collaboration, connection and workplace performance.


For over 25 Years she has worked within hundreds of organisations across 24 industries and has strong reputation of passionately delivering results and is known as a dynamic, relatable, thought provoking and dedicated. Renee’s diverse experience is mirrored in the network and clients she works with. Some of her clients include: GS1, Metricon Homes, Coles, SPC, KB Foods, Arup, Workskill Australia, Metro Trains, Mazda, William Adams, George Weston Foods and Intrax Engineering.


She is the host of the Limitless Leaders Podcast and regularly contributes her message on radio, TV and media publications. Renee has published three books including Limitless Leadership and the Leaders of Influence anthology. In 2021 she published the three-time International award-winning book: Gift Mindset – Unwrap the 12 gifts to lead and live a life of purpose, connection and  contribution.

Andrew talks with Renee about their mutual passion to make people and businesses better through their work. They discuss:


  • A deep discussion around two of Renee’s key concepts – a Gift Mindset and Limitless Leadership
  • How reflection, gratitude and a gift mindset positively impact our professional and personal lives
  • The power of curiosity and learning in being a better person and a better leader

This podcast is full of practical ways you can work on your mindset and leadership to be a better leader today. 


You can find out more and connect with Renee at:

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