All of us carry a space in our mind where we can see what’s happening, what’s happened, and what might happen. This is all inside our space, our horizon.

We all see to our own horizon, it’s a limit, a boundary we establish. This is normal, and to be honest, it can be quite beneficial. It allows us to make sense of our space and our world. But when new things come our way, be they risks or opportunities causing tension or change, challenges may arise if we stay only within our horizon.

And, in times of great challenge, we will need to look beyond our horizon so that we can find solutions and possibilities that are not known to us yet.

What lies beyond the horizon…?


Beyond the horizon is where the next opportunity and challenge lies for you and your organisation. It’s important to be aware of these so you can gain the most value , from those new ideas, challenges and possibilities that are coming across your horizon.


Because the horizon, much like planet Earth, shifts. And when your horizon does shift, what’s on the other side will come into the light. It will be more clearly seen.
And right now, I think it is especially important to realise that what is or has happened will also shift. This current complexity and pain will return to the dark. This too shall pass.

One of those timeless sayings not suitable right now is to, ‘make hay while the sun shines’.
What happens though when it doesn’t, the sun shining I mean…

Like what we see unfolding around us in this complexity. What do we do now…?

Here’s my current thinking (and what I am doing).

1. In these moments when it doesn’t feel like the sun is shining it is important to go beyond your horizon and consider what is possible, what might be.

Give yourself permission to wander a little (or a lot) beyond your horizon.

How might you do life differently now and forwards?

What habits would you need to form to deliver that?

2. There is much learning and growth to be had right now. Even in the pain.

Amongst these challenging times we are also faced with situations we have never dealt with before.

We are all being stretched and changed in ways we couldn’t have foreseen 2 months ago. All of these are opportunities for you to learn, grow, adapt. In many cases you already are.

We have a chance to reinvent ourselves and our life, to a small or large degree, as you choose.

Always look for the learning. Don’t lose the lesson.

3. Breathe. Simple you might say, but how often are you breathing deeply.

Allowing this simple process to settle your mind and your soul.

Stop right now. Take 10 deep breaths…no really, go on…… how does that feel?

Do this whenever things feel like ‘too much’.

4. Give yourself a break. You really are amazing and doing great.

This is a form of Self-kindness, and self-kindness is often the hardest to do.

Let’s take this chance to practice….. this skill will always be useful. Sunshine or not.

This will pass, there will be a new normal.

To go a little deeper, and I don’t mean to concern you, but you are creating a new normal right now.
We always are.

So, if it always happening, why does this feel different? Great question.

The difference right now is how quickly things are changing, moving. And in moments of greatest upheaval, this creation, or maybe recreation, accelerates and amplifies, impacting us and others.

The tension and/or pain that is experienced comes from the reality that when we create, we also destroy. This new normal brings a significant amount of creative destruction.
But that is for another blog…..

As I say to my clients and friends, and will continue to:

Things are messy, but they will improve. It will take time. We will get there.
You working on your space, the people that you influence, the community that you belong to are a big part of how we all get through this together.

Let’s look out for each other and show others and ourselves an abundance of kindness.

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