Thinking differently about different thinking

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In this episode of Better People, Better Business, Andrew is joined by special guest Callum McKirdy.

Callum is a speaker, coach and facilitator who helps teams and leaders think differently together.

Callum is dyslexic and ADHD positive, and an experienced HR Expert who works with dedicated HR leaders to deliver the full potential of the people profession into organisations. He works with his clients to create radically authentic workplaces by seizing the opportunities brought about by the diverse minds & personalities that already exist in teams and leveraging his HR expertise to coach HR practitioners to lift their performance.

In this episode, Callum and Andrew discuss how we, as individuals and organisations, can think differently about different thinking.

Through the lens of Better People, Better Business, they have an enlightening discussion about the role diversity and inclusion plays in helping people to be better. Callum shares some excellent insights and thinking around his work in this space.

You will walk away from this episode with a new perspective on how you can help your people to be better, and the role you play in that as a leader.

You can find out more about Callum at:

Solving the problems that hold organisations and their people back

Be better.

You know your organisation can be.  Better at knowing your people and getting the best from them – making you more capable, more profitable and more responsible.

The Deering Group opened in 2016 to help organisations to better understand what their people do and how they can help them improve their work and their roles.

We help make businesses better through their people.  We get the job done with expertise in Executive Leadership, Learning and Development, Training and Competency, Operations Management, Technical Writing, Quality Control and Governance.

We have decades of collective experience across the resource sectors, defence, healthcare and hospitality.  We have offices in Brisbane and Perth – and team members across metropolitan and rural Australia.  We work flexibly – on-site or virtually to make it easier for you to be better.