To hustle or to bustle? That is the question.

I am sure you’ve seen one of those movies or TV shows about people who hustle their way into some sort of ‘big deal’, such as money, gold, cars……basically something fabulous and/or valuable. A couple of the big ones like Ocean’s 11 and The Hustle are great examples. They all glamorise the hustle and make it seem sexy and exciting. Who doesn’t like the way the crew gets away with the prize!!


Have you ever wondered where the word “hustle” comes from and what it means?

We sometimes use the word when we talk about getting our teams moving. ‘Get your hustle on’.

We talk about it in sales. ‘Get out there and hustle’.

We talk about it in relation to general activity. ‘Always hustling throughout my day’.

But what does it actually mean “to hustle”?


Put simply, we need drive and we need purposeful action. We need to hustle with purpose.


Nothing will happen unless you do something to make it happen, be that with your business, health, family or relationships. You need to act and push hard if it’s important to you.


We often find that the things we love and want the most are the things we’re most willing to push for. In other words, we are prepared to bustle.


Outwardly, do you demonstrate the bustle? Are you energetic? What excited activity and movement are you engaging in so you can reach your purpose? Are you ensuring your team’s bustle is focused and useful?


If you’re content with mediocrity, then neither of these words will matter much to you.

But if you want today to be a little bit better than yesterday, hustle and bustle do matter.


To be successful, we need the hustle – the purpose, the reason, the vision that pushes and jostles us into action. We also need the bustle – the excited activity that gets us to our destination. There is a subtle difference between the two, yet they complement each other.


So, if you want to be more than you were yesterday, the activities of hustle and bustle are essential – for you, your team and your business.


Now get out there and hustle and bustle. Do the work that’s needed!


Be kind, be well, be true, be you.

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