Why Training Administration is critical to keeping your people safe, skilled and effective.

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In this Better People Better Business episode, our consultant Michelle Cummings sits down for a conversation with Andrew Deering.

Michelle is a highly experienced Training Professional with a strong background in Training Administration in high-risk industries, including Mining and Oil and Gas.
She is deeply passionate about how Training Administration can enable a whole raft of opportunities in a business (lovingly, she is a Training Administration nerd).

In this conversation, Michelle and Andrew discuss how far-reaching Training Administration can be and the direct impact it has on your people being safe, skilled and effective.

  • How Training Administration ensures you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles.
  • The role Training Administration plays in business planning.
  • The crucial role it can play in optimising budgets and reducing unnecessary costs.
  • Why the perception of administration being a burden but misses the opportunity it brings.
  • Michelle and Andrew’s experiences in how Training Administration comes under the microscope when serious incidents occur.

Solving the problems that hold organisations and their people back

Be better.

You know your organisation can be.  Better at knowing your people and getting the best from them – making you more capable, more profitable and more responsible.

The Deering Group opened in 2016 to help organisations to better understand what their people do and how they can help them improve their work and their roles.

We help make businesses better through their people.  We get the job done with expertise in Executive Leadership, Learning and Development, Training and Competency, Operations Management, Technical Writing, Quality Control and Governance.

We have decades of collective experience across the resource sectors, defence, healthcare and hospitality.  We have offices in Brisbane and Perth – and team members across metropolitan and rural Australia.  We work flexibly – on-site or virtually to make it easier for you to be better.