Shift From Transaction to Relationship

The Trusted advisor does not merely transact with their clients, they develop and maintain significant relationships.

This focus on the relationship is critical in building a sustainable pipeline of work over the long term for your business. The business working on a relationship level has connectivity into many levels of their client’s organisations and are involved with supporting these clients in key decisions they are considering or undertaking.

While transactional work can be good in the early days of the business, it becomes tiring and fraught with risk as your business has no surety of any ongoing work. This approach also provides a limited insight or connectivity into your clients’ organisation and you are likely to be the last person to be made aware of any strategic decisions or market activity. Trusted advisors recognise that a relationship approach to business provides many benefits, here is a list of 4 key differences.


Self interest                         Mutual Interest
What you get                       What you give
Stay in touch                       Be informed of
Agreement                           Collaboration


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