How do I get my new to industry people skilled, safe and effective?

In this episode, Consultant Shane Bonser has a conversation with Andrew about the current influx of workers who are new to industry, particularly in mining and from varied backgrounds. Their challenge is how to manage these new people successfully through this career change, so they are inducted well and get to site knowing what to expect and with sufficient skills to be safe and effective.



Today, I want to have a deeper conversation about decomplexification.

So much of the time, we’re focused on simplification.
We often want to find solutions to problems by simplifying or stripping things down to their bare bones, wiping the slates clean.

While it’s important, it isn’t a silver bullet.

In fact, sometimes simplification just creates more problems.

So, what should we be doing instead?

What we really need more of is this idea of decomplexification.

Click below unpack what I mean – and what that could look like in your business.



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How to do meaningful workplace assessments

In this episode, Consultant Leigh Gower has a conversation with Andrew about how clients can create and deliver meaningful workplace assessments.