The New and the News

It’s impossible to miss the context of what’s going on right now.  The unfolding complexity that is gripping our world with its need for attention, for focus.  Much like the screaming child on the bus that turns all heads, these tremors of change are sweeping our world, from the macro to the micro. Each new day seems to bring a whole range

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Why We Need to Think Like LEGO

I remember as a child spending many enjoyable hours with my siblings playing with LEGO. Whenever it was a rainy day, we’d whip out our box of LEGO and transport ourselves to another world. That was the gift LEGO gave us – the ability to step away from whatever reality we were in to create a new one. The name

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Great minds think alike… or do they?

“Great minds think alike.” I remember hearing this saying as a child. Over time, I’ve come to realise that, interestingly, statements such as this can sit inside our psyche and become our base code. And the results aren’t always helpful. As a youngster, my desire to be part of a group and belong was incredibly strong. After living in Singapore

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Our Limiting Beliefs are Simply That – Ours!

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right Henry Ford Tweet When I was a kid, I remember thinking there were no limits to what people could do. I looked at the adults around me and thought they were amazing. They could do anything! And I thought to myself, “If they can do all this stuff,

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Delusion of Balance

I love a good bookshop. To be honest, every time I walk past one, I usually poke my head in to see what’s on the shelves. One section I always like to browse is the business section. This usually includes books on self-help and psychology, amongst many others (I could get lost for hours). I like books that help me

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Silos aren’t always a bad thing

Silos – are they always bad? When you Google the word “silo”, you’re presented with a range of articles, conversations and quotes that portray silos negatively. “Silos destroy business integrity.” “Silos prevent collaboration.” “Silos impact productivity and employee morale.” Tweet   But is this true? I’m sure many of you reading this are ready and willing to tell me how

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To Hustle or Bustle?

To hustle or to bustle? That is the question. I am sure you’ve seen one of those movies or TV shows about people who hustle their way into some sort of ‘big deal’, such as money, gold, cars……basically something fabulous and/or valuable. A couple of the big ones like Ocean’s 11 and The Hustle are great examples. They all glamorise

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The Fork in the Road Series – Past & Present

I love the Muppets. Yes, I’m an unabashed Jim Henson fan! As a kid, I remember watching one of the Muppets movies. In one scene, they’re driving along in a car, looking at the map. One of the Muppets says, “There’s a fork in the road!” And the next thing you know, a large fork appears, right in the middle

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People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care

When my children were younger and I went on work trips, some of the most exciting gifts I could bring home for them were the free hotel soaps and bottles of shampoo. These simple objects brought my kids so much joy. They would fill the bathtub with “magic potions” concocted from the colourful little bottles of shampoo and bath wash

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Why We Should Aim for the Sweet Spot of Whelm

I want to be whelmed. Not over, not under – just whelmed. I remember as a child hearing the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. One day, Goldilocks stumbled across the three bears’ house in the forest. She entered and wandered through their home, trying the food, the chairs, the beds. Some things were too big or too hot

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